2018 sermon outlines

2015 Sermon Outlines
Br. Mike's 2018 sermon outlines will be listed below. The sermon outlines serve as very helpful study guides for the Bible passages being used. They can be viewed or printed from the links provided.
Sunday AM Sunday PM Wednesday
The Parables of Jesus Series Angels, Satan and Demons Series Great Women Series
The Life of Abigail(1/03/18)
The Best New Years Resolution (1/07/18) Demons in the World Today (1/07/18)
The Parable of the Sower (1/14/18) Demon Possession (1/14/18)
The Parable of the Good Samaritan (1/21/18) The Cure for Demon Possession (1/21/18)
Nehemiah Series
The Parable of the Friend at Midnight (1/28/18 3 Secrets of a Successful Leader (1/28/18) The Life of Esther - Part 2 (1/31/18)
The Parable of the Rich Fool (2/04/18) 3 Obstacles That Could Not Stop Nehemiah (2/04/18) The Perfect Woman (2/07/18)
The The Gates of Jerusalem - Part 1 (2/11/18) The The Cost of Following Jesus (2/11/18)
The The Gates of Jerusalem - Part 2 (2/18/18) The Parable of the Persistent Widow (2/18/18)
The Parable of the King and His Servants (2/25/18) The Devil's Dirty Tricks (2/25/18) The Woman Who Raised a Perfect Child (2/28/18)
The I Am Series
I Aam the Bread of Life (3/04/18) A Good Christian in a Bad Economy (3/04/18) The Story of Anna (3/07/18)
I am the Light of the World (3/11/18) Never Give Up (3/11/18)
I am the Door (3/18/18) The People God Blesses (3/18/18)
I am the Good Shepherd (3/25/18) The Life of Mary Magdalene (3/28/18)
I am the Resurrection and the Life 4/01/18) Jesus is the Answer (4/01/18) The Life of Mary of Bethany (4/04/18)
You Can Trust God's Timing (4/08/18) The Marks Of a Mature Christian (4/08/18)
I am the Way, the Truth and he Life (4/08/18) Now the Building is Finished, What Do We Now (4/08/18)
I am the Vine(4/15/18) How to Keep Revival Fires Burning (4/15/18)
The Little Book With a Big Message Series
Why Should I Forgive (4/22/18) The Longest Prayer in the Bible (4/22/18) The Life of Martha (4/25/18)
The Little Book With a Big Message Series
Walk in the Truth (4/29/18) The Life of Salome (5/2/18)
The Truth About Church Members (5/6/18) The Real Church Directory (5/6/18)
Ten Reasons to Praise Your Mom (5/13/18) The Other Half of Proverbs 31 (5/13/18)
God Has Big Plans for You (5/20/18) The Battle With Backsliding (5/20/18) God has a Plan for Your Life (5/23/18)
The 5 Purposes of the Church (5/27/18) Scraps for the Savior (5/27/18) 5 Lessons from the Woman at the Well (5/30/18)
The Woman Who Had Nothing, But
Gave Everything (6/03/18)
It Pays to Serve God (6/03/18)
What's a Father Supposed to Do? (6/17/18)
The No Mores of Heaven (6/24/18)
One Nation Under God (7/01/18)
The Life of Joseph Series The Philippians Series
The Lord Was With Joseph (7/15/18)
God's Delays Are Not His Denials (7/22/18) The Life of Lydia (7/25/18)
From thr Prison to the Palace (7/29/18) Reasons for Rejoicing (7/29/18) The Life of Dorcas (8/01/18)
Joseph's Brothers - Saved by Grace (8/05/18) Paul's Prayer List (8/05/18)
Look Closely at Joseph and You Can See Jesus (8/18/18) The Lives of Eunice and Lois (8/22/18)
What You Meant for Evil -
God Meant for Good (8/26/18)
God has a Purpose in Your Problems (8/26/18)
The One Thing Worth Bragging About(9/02/18) Ready for Heaven - but Needed on Earth(9/02/18) The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy (9/05/18)
The Law of Sowing and Reaping (9/09/18) Conduct Yourself Worthy of the Gospel (9/09/18)
The God of 2nd Chances (9/16/18) How to get Along at Church (9/16/18)
Our God is an Awesome God (9/23/18) Steps of the Savior (9/23/18) The Fruit of the Spirit is Patience (9/26/18)
God's Miracle Medicine (9/30/18) The Name Above All Names (9/30/18) The Fruit of the Spirit is Peace (9/26/18)
God's Single Plan of Salvation (10/07/18) Work Out Your Salvation (10/07/18)
We Need a Revival (10/21/18)
Your Enemy the Devil (10/28/18) Bright Lights in a Dark World (10/28/18)
3 Examples Worth Follow (11/07/18)
The Battle of Jericho (11/11/18) The Fruit of the Spirit is Kindness (11/11/18)
3 Things You Should Bring to Church (11/18/18) How Not to Get to Heaven (11/18/18)
Salvation Made Simple (11/25/18) 4 Things You Need to Know About Jesus (11/25/18) The Fruit of the Spirt is Goodness (11/28/18)
The Christ of Christmas Series
The Christ of Christmas (12/02/18)
The Perfect Christmas Gift (12/09/18)
The Cost of Christmast (12/16/18)
Why Jesus Came at Christmast (12/23/18)
How to Have a Happy New Year (12/30/18) New Year's Resloutions for Christians 12/30/18)

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