2019 sermon outlines

2015 Sermon Outlines
Br. Mike's 2019 sermon outlines will be listed below. The sermon outlines serve as very helpful study guides for the Bible passages being used. They can be viewed or printed from the links provided.
Sunday AM Sunday PM Wednesday
The Parables of Jesus Series Angels, Satan and Demons Series Fruit of the Spirit Series
The Fruit or the Spirit - Faithfulness (1/02/19)
How to Handle a Hopeless Situation (1/06/19) Who's Side are You On (1/06/19)
God's Way to Deal With Anger (1/13/19) Rejoice in the Lord Always (1/13/19)
I've Got a Problem With Anger (1/20/19)
The Fruit or the Spirit - Gentleness (1/23/19)

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