2016 Sermon Outlines

2015 Sermon Outlines
Br. Mike's 2016 sermon outlines will be listed below. The sermon outlines serve as very helpful study guides for the Bible passages being used. They can be viewed or printed from the links provided.
Sunday AM Sunday PM Wednesday
The Unlimited Power of Prayer Series The How To's of the Christian Life Series
The 4 Alls of Prayer (1/03/16) New Year's Resolutions for the Christian (1/06/16)
The Prayer of Jabez (1/10/16) How to Have a Daily Quiet Time (1/10/16)
Hezekiah's Prayer for Healing (1/17/16) How to Know for Sure You are Saved(1/17/16)
5 Prayers God Will Not Answer (1/24/16) The Greatest Sin in the Bible (1/27/16)
The Power of Prayer and Fasting (1/31/16) How to Discover God's Will (1/31/16)
The Power High Cost of Winning the Lost (2/07/16) Seven Ways to Lengthen Your Days (2/07/16)
Why Should I Care About Missions (2/21/16) How to Survive the Storms og Life (2/21/16)
The 12 Disciples Series
What is Important to God Should be Important to You (2/28/16) How to Win the Race Set Before You (2/28/16) Simon Peter (2/24/16)
All Things Work Together for Good (3/06/16) How to Act Like a Christian at Work (3/06/16) Andrew (3/02/16)
The Only Solution For Sin's Pollution (3/13/16) How to Keep from Backsliding (3/13/16)
A Preview of Calvary (3/20/16)
Your New Body (3/27/16) Fishing Without A License (3/27/16) John (3/30/16)
The "How Tos of the Christian Life" Series
How to Beat Burnout (4/03/16)
The 'Toxic Emotions" Series
The Most Dangerous Emotion - Part 1 (4/10/16) How to be Filled With the Spirit (4/10/16)
The Most Dangerous Emotion - Part 2 (4/17/16) How to Get Your Prayers Answered (4/17/16) The Family of God (4/27/16)
How to Overcomr Guilt (5/01/16) How to Break a Bad Habit (5/01/16) Philip (5/04/16)
How to Handle Worry(5/08/16) How to Honor Your Mother(5/08/16)
The Most Painful Emotion - Depression(5/15/16) The Real Church Directory (5/15/16)
The Most Deceptive Emotion - rejection(5/22/16) Nathanael (Bartholomew) (5/25/16)
Operation Inasmuch Testimonies - No Outline How to Handle Your Finances (5/29/16)
The Old-Time Religion(6/05/16) How to Deal With Difficulties (6/05/16)
Standing in the Gap (6/19/16) 5 Reasons I Can't Serve the Lord (6/19/16)
One Nation Under God (7/03/16) The Apostle Mathew (7/06/16)
The Most Diverse Emotion - Loneliness (7/10/16) The Meaning of Faith (7/10/16)
The God's Hall of Fame Series
The Most Distructive Emotion - Bitterness (7/17/16) The Faith of Able (7/17/16)
The Most Paralyzing Emotion - Fear (7/31/16) The Faith of Enoch (7/31/16)
Life in the Last Days Series
Marks of a Mighty Church (8/07/16) The Faith of Noah (8/07/16) James The Lesser (8/03/16)
Keys to Effective Ministry (8/14/16) The Faith of Abraham (8/14/16)
God Can Turn Test Into a Testimony(8/21/16) The Faith of Isaac (8/21/16)
The Life That Pleases God (8/27/16) The Faith of Jacob (8/27/16) The Apostle Thaddeus (The Other Judas) (8/24/16)
The Second Coming of Christ (9/04/16) The Apostle Judas Iscariot (9/07/16)
No Greater Love 9/11/16)/a> The Faith of Joseph (9/11/16
If You Knew Jesus Was Coming -
What Would Change (9/18/16)
The Faith of Amram and Jocebed (9/18/16)
The Faith of Moses (9/25/16)
3 Key Relationships (10/02/16) The Apostle Who was Last but not Least (Paul) (10/05/16)
The Coming World Dictator (10/16/16) The Faith of Rahab (10/16/16)
God's Remedy for Lazy Christians (10/23/16) The Faith of Samson (10/23/2016) How to Pray for Government Leaders (10/26/2016)
Excuse Me (10/30/2016) The Faith of Gideon (10/30/2016)
Does God Care Who is President (11/06/2016) The Faith of Barak (11/02/2016) Christian Citizenship (11/06/2016)
Orphan - Steve Rose (11/13/2016) The Faith of Jephthah (11/13/2016)
Thanksgiving - Today and Every Day (11/20/2016) The Good News and Bad News About Faith (11/20/2016)
How to Prepare Yourself for the Lord's Supper (11/27/2016)
The Gift of Hope (12/04/2016)
The Gift of Peace (12/11/2016)
The Gift of Joy (12/18/2016)
The Gift of Love (12/25/2016) The Recipe for a Happy New Year (12/28/2016)
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