2015 Sermon Outlines

2015 Sermon Outlines
Br. Mike's 2015 sermon outlines will be listed below. The sermon outlines serve as very helpful study guides for the Bible passages being used. They can be viewed or printed from the links provided.
Sunday AM Sunday PM Wednesday
1o Simple Rules for Living Series 1st Corinthians Series How to Share Your Faith Series
The First Commandment (1/04/15) 3 Reasons to Be Thankful (1/04/15) Prepare Yourself For Effective Witnessing (1/07/15)
The Second Commandment (1/11/15)
The Third Commandment (1/18/15) What Does God Expect of Deacons (1/18/15)
The Fourth Commandment (1/25/15) God Uses Ordinary People (1/25/15)
The Fifth Commandment (2/01/15) Three Types of People (2/01/15) How to Overcome the Greatest
Obstacle in Witnessing (2/04/15)
The Sixth Commandment (2/08/15) Marks of a Spiritual Baby (2/08/15)
The Seventh Commandment (2/15/15) The Judgement Seat
of Christ(2/15/15)
The Eighth Commandment (2/22/15) 7 Steps to Lead a
Person to Christ (2/25/15)
The Ninth Commandment (3/01/15) Marks of a Spiritual Leader(3/01/15)
The Tenth Commandment
Last of Series(3/15/15)
Sin in the Church(3/15/15)
24 Hours That Changed tge World (3/22/15) The 24 Hour Temple(3/22/15)
6 Hours At Calvary (3/29/15) Before and After(3/29/15)
What Happened at Easter (4/05/15)
Answers to Questions
About Marriage (4/12/15)
The Faith Gospel Prestation (4/15/15)
Life's Most Important Decision (4/19/15)
How To Get Your Prayers Answered (4/26/15) Principles of Christian Behavior (4/26/15)
The Roman's Road (4/29/15)
Facing Death Without Fear (5/03/15)
The Mother Who Would
Not Give Up (5/10/15)
What King Lemual Learned
From His Mother(5/10/15)
You Cannot Outgive God (5/17/15) The Meaning of Awana(5/17/15)
What Would God Say
to America (5/24/15)
Hindering the Gospel(5/24/15) How to Lead a Child to Christ(5/27/15)
Godly Living In a Pagan World(5/31/15)
The Inspiration and Authority
of the Bible Series
The Bible is a Powerful Book(6/7/15) The Rewards of Righteousness(6/7/15) The High Cost of Serving Jesus(6/10/15)
The Bible is a Perfect Book(6/14/15) God's Battle Plan for Temptation(6/14/15)
4 Secrets of a Successful Father(6/21/15) Don't Play With Fire, or
You'll Get Burned(6/21/15)
The Sin of Prayerlessness(7/01/15)
The 5 Worst Sinners Saved
by Jesus Series
Enslaved by the Devil -
Saved by Jesus(7/12/15)
Symbols of the Bible(7/08/15)
The ABC's of Salvation (7/19/15)
The Transformation if a Terrorist (7/26/15)
The Bad Samaritan (8/02/15) Distractions in the Worship Service (8/02/15)
American Bible Prophecy - Part 1 (8/23/15) The Use and Abuse of
Spiritual Gifts (8/23/15)
American Bible Prophecy - Part 2(8/30/15) Symbols of the Bible - Part 2 (8/30/15) The Use ans Abuse of
Spiritual Gifts - Part 2
Play Ball (9/06/15) 4 Secrets od Successful Prayer (9/02/15)
Coming Events in Bible Prophecy The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
Jesus is Coming Again (9/13/15) Where Everybody iIs Somebody
and Jesus is Lord(9/13/15)
The Judgement Seat Of Christ(9/20/15) God's Definition of Love(9/20/15) Jesus Prays for Himself(9/23/15)
Signs of the 2nd Coming(9/27/15) Why Don't Baptists Speak in Tongues (9/27/15) Jesus Prays for His Disciples(9/30/15)
Major Events During the Tribulation (10/11/15)
The Battle of Armageddon (10/18/15) The Resurrection of Jesus (10/18/15)
The Judgement of the Sheep and Goats (10/25/15) The Biggest If in the Bible (10/25/15)
The Millennium (11/01/15) Jesus Prays for Us (11/04/15) Because of the Resurrection (11/01/15)
The Final Judgement (11/08/15) The Biggest Resurrection Body (11/08/15)
A New Heaven and New Earth (11/15/15) I'll Fly Away (11/15/15)
The Shortest Chapter in the Bible (11/22/15) 3 Ways to Demonstrate Your Love for God (11/22/15)
What's So Special About the Lord's Supper (11/29/15)
The Christmas Story - Joseph (12/06/15)
The Christmas Story - Mary (12/13/15)
The Christmas Story - Jesus (12/20/15)
The Wisdom of the Wise Men (12/27/15) What Does God Expect of a Minister (12/27/15)